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At Pro-Active our Physiotherapists are committed to the assessment, treatment rehabilitation and prevention of physical injury. Pro-Active Physiotherapists evaluate and treat the musculo-skeletal system with a special emphasis on the improvement of function.


All of our Physiotherapists are members of the Chartered society of Physiotherapy (CSP).  We are required to abide by a Code of Conduct, which sets out expected standards of professional behavior and therefore ensures a commitment to quality health care.


Our Physiotherapists undertake continuing development programs to keep themselves up to date with the latest medical and therapeutic procedures therefore the best most cost effective ways to keep you healthy.


How can Physiotherapy help?


Physiotherapy is essential in the early stages of a joint or soft tissue injury to relieve pain, improve movement and aid the healing process.


In the mid stages of an injury, Physiotherapy optimizes function and allows more activity without re-injury.


The later phase of an injury, Physiotherapy is used to retrain overall balance, regain full function and improve physical fitness.  The following list contains some of the most common reasons to see a physiotherapist.


- Back and Neck Pain

- Shoulder, arm, wrist or hand problems

- Hip, knee, ankle or foot problems

- Sport injuries

- Joint sprains

- Muscle strains and tears

- Rehabilitation following surgery or injury

- Ergonomic or postural problems

- Repetitive motion disorders e.g. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Pro-Active Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function; they do not confine their skill to treating people who are injured.  A large part of a Physiotherapist’s agenda is directed at preventing injury and loss of movement.


Our Physiotherapists work with individuals, sports clubs and athletes at all levels to screen for potential problems. They establish preventive exercise programs and develop workout that are safe and effective.

Physiotherapy Treatments


Pro-Active Physiotherapists are trained in manual therapy, spinal therapy, manipulative therapy, sports physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation.  Physiotherapy treatment is individualized to each client and modified according to the progress of the client.

Treatment takes many forms and may include:


- Pain management using positioning, exercise and other modalities

- Manual techniques such as joint mobilisation and soft tissue manipulation

- Manipulative Therapy

- Spine rehabilitation with emphasis on exercise and return to normal activities

- Progressive stretching and strengthening exercise programs to achieve full function

- Dynamic stabilization and body mechanics training

- Therapeutic Massage and myo-fascial release

- Patellofemoral programs, taping and biofeedback

- Pilates and Swiss Ball based rehabilitation therapy

- Clinical Pilates

- Cryo-Therapy

- Orthotic/support evaluations (foot, knee, ankle, back support to prevent or eleviate recurrent sports injuries?

- Bio-Mechanical analysis to get to the root of the problem

- Education- the greatest tool we can give you; it allows you to manage your injury to full recovery and prevents recurrence


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