Golf looks like an easy game to play, hitting a stationary object with a club into a relatively wide-open space. Well think again! To become a good golfer, it is recommended that you start young and practice.


Golf is perceived as being a low risk sport when it comes to injury. However, many young golfers, especially those with improper technique, suffer from acute or overuse injuries


Acute injuries are usually the result of a single, traumatic episode , such as hitting the ground. Overuse injuries are more subtle and usually occur over time.


Approximatly 44% of all reported golf injuries in youth are from overuse. the  main causes fro these are lack of flexibility poor conditioning excessive play or practice poor swing mechanics intermittent play.


To avoid injury at any age it is imperative that the golfer develop a solid swing technique. Poor swing places excessive stress on the golfers back, shoulders, and elbows. All golfers should have a specific routine of stretching/flexibility prior to each round.


Golfers should always warm up prior to a round, starting with a wedge and gradually working up to a driver.


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