Injury bulletins provide general information only, and are not a substitute for a consultation with a sports Physiotherapist or Physician.


In young athletes, Osgood-Schlatter Disease is a common cause of knee pain. Sever’s disease is a common source of heel pain.


In the lower leg, tibial shaft fractures are uncommon, but they represent the most severe type of lower extremity trauma in soccer.


Football Injuries

50-80% of soccer injuries affect the feet and legs. areas most commonly injured in the legs are the ankle, foot, knee, and lower leg. 40-45% of leg injuries involve the ankle and foot. Most of those injuries are sprains or strains.  Knee injuries account for 25% of leg injuries. The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear is most common.


Head injuries account for 4-22% of soccer injuries. Concussions make up 2-3% of all soccer injuries.  Most severe head injuries are caused by collisions. The collisions could be with other players, goalposts, the ground, or the ball.


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